[K12OSN] restoring file table

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Apr 27 11:37:59 UTC 2004

I assume you mean he formatted a NTFS partition with ext2/ext3.  I'm 
surprised he can recover his XP files at all--he's a very fortunate 
person.  Usually this kind of mistake means that your backups had better 
be good!

If it were me, and I just felt some pressing need to run Windows XP (I 
emphatically don't), I'd backup whatever irreplaceable/important data I 
can get off of that partition, boot XP, and reformat that partition, 
either VFAT or NTFS.  I would choose VFAT so that GNU/Linux can use the 
partition as well; my 12-year-old neighbor next door does this very 
thing (he dual-boots W2K and RHL 7.3, and his VFAT partition is where he 
stores his data).  Then, I'd copy everything I saved back over and be 
much more careful next time.  :-)


Scott Sherrill wrote:

> A student at my school accidently built a new file system over an 
> existing XP file system on his home computer.  Instead of mke2fs 
> /dev/hda1 he used hdb1 *whoops*.
> He can recover his XP files, but is there a way to rebuild the file 
> system table to make it appear like he never goofed in the first 
> place?  I had no idea....
> Thanks,
> Scott

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