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John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Wed Apr 28 03:43:59 UTC 2004

Everything is funneled through our district's servers and their porn 
killers work very well for sites that are detected when a search engine 
is being used.  The problem is that these students are typing the URLs 
into the browser address line and going directly to the site.  Our 
districts policy is that when caught these students are to loose their 
Internet access for the rest of the school year.  That is the reason I 
asked about changing things in the user profiles.

I will set her drop boxes up before the week is out.  Thanks for the how 
to on that.

Jim Hays wrote:

> To create a "drop box":
> I will assume that the students all belong to a group named "students" 
> and the teacher's username name is coojo
> 1)  mkdir /home/dropbox
> 2) chown coojo:students /home/dropbox
> 3)  chmod 730 /home/dropbox
> Have the students save their work to this folder using a unique 
> identifier for each student.  (For example: smithsa-p23 could be the 
> assignment on page 23 for the student with username smithsa.
> As for the pornographic web site, install DansGuardian, either on your 
> K12LTSP box or on a firewall that the K12LTSP box goes through.
> John P. Conlon wrote:
>> I have a lab teacher who needs things set up so that her students 
>> can't print unless she enters a password at their desktop.  What is 
>> currently happening is that the students are typing extremely nasty 
>> notes to her and because of the lab layout she hasn't been able to 
>> catch the culprits.  The students are using Open Office for their 
>> word processing.  Two things that I can think of would help her solve 
>> this problem but I don't know how to implement them.
>> 1. How can I create a drop folder for her that is accessed through 
>> OO's File Save As command?
>> 2. To prevent students from printing unless she has approved their 
>> work, how can I set up a password on the OO print feature?
>> This same teacher has also had problems with students entering 
>> Pornographic Internet sites when her back is turned.  What changes do 
>> I need to make in the users file to deactivate Internet access for 
>> thoe students?
>> Please be fairly detailed in any set of instructions.
>> Thanks
>> Bye
>> Pat
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