[K12OSN] Student problem

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Apr 28 21:29:41 UTC 2004

I agree with what you are saying, I keep thinking "what am I doing wrong
that this doesn't make more sense".  No matter what I want every user to
have to deal with one username and password combo, anything more just
pisses us all off :-)  I want the list of share points to be simple when
a user logs in and don't want them traversing all over to get access.
So if I have a share of 'Drop' with 'TeacherX,Y, and Z' under it I need
to let groups "Students" and "Teachers" into share 'Drop'.  Then every
teacher wants 'ClassX, Y, and Z' under their folder with another set of
permissions.  I think the main problem is I just confuse myself when I
think too much.  I will go back and re-evaluate directory structure and
try to come up with a more efficient way to propogate users along with
permissions given the user,group,other limit.  Heck, just even
describing this makes me think there is a better way :-) 

Thanks for the info on the ACL's.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't
missing something stupid.

> Traditional unix filesystems only store the owner/group numbers and
the permission bits for those plus everyone else - it isn't the GUI that

> restricts this.  Note that your problem comes from wanting a 'group'
of owners, though.  If each drop is owned by a single teacher, or you
make an 
> extra login to own it and give the password to the appropriate people
you get the sets of permissions you need and they will stay put with
> copy/backup/restore methods. 
> Newer filesystems permit exceptions to the policies through ACL's but
in general if you need a lot of exceptions it indicates something is
wrong with > the policy and if you use them you'll need special support
every time you think about moving things.

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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