[K12OSN] Thin client compatibility

David Beach mail at beachmail.ca
Thu Apr 29 00:04:41 UTC 2004

I see lots of cheap used thin client boxes (ranging from $15 WYSE jobs to
$250 Compaq EVO T30s) on eBay. They are nice and small, no fan, etc. I know
virtually nothing about LTSP protocols. These talk about running Windows CE,
compatible with RDP and ICA 3 protocols and 'support SNMP, DHCP', etc.

Will these work with LTSP? Or, can they be made to work with LTSP? What are
the 'key words' for LTSP compatibility? If they can work with LTSP, some of
these appear to represent a real bargain but, as my mother said, if it
sounds too good to be true...

David Beach

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