[K12OSN] Enhancement to squidGuard package to force Google's SafeSearchfeature to be ON

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Thu Apr 29 00:16:19 UTC 2004

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Matt Ross wrote:

>Hi Eric. I'm new to the list, so forgive me if this has been answered 
>somewhere already.
>I was looking at the email below, and attempted to implement it on my 
>existing Squid system for my school. Great idea, but I can't figure out 
>how you got it working...
> >     s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active i
>The above line doesn't make sense to me. Here's my problem: How does 
>"\1\" bring back the requested URL? According to SquidGuard's homepage, 
>%u should do that trick. But neither works for me, only static 
>destinations work...

My squidGuard binary is patched to enable full regular expressions.
You can't do back-references (the \1) with the stock squidGuard.

>Also, you don't have the third "@", which seems to be required for my 
>rewrites. Perhaps you are running a different version of squidGuard? 
>(I'm using Debian's 1.2.0-1 version of squidGuard, FYI.)

The third "@" was stripped out somewhere along the way. Don't know if
it was me or someone else. Either way, he's my current configs:

	rewrite google {
	    s@(google.com/search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.com/images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.com/groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
		s@(google.com/news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.../search.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.../images.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.../groups.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i
	    s@(google.../news.*q=.*)@\1\&safe=active at i

>If you can give me some hints on why/how this is happening, I'd greatly 
>appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll probably be writing my own redirector for 
>this very purpose.

My source package is at:


Feel free to swipe it & build a deb.


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