[K12OSN] Putting folder icons on user desktops

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Thu Apr 29 02:41:45 UTC 2004

I'm still working with the drop folder from the "student problem" 
messages.  Thanks for the info on those but here is my next couple of 
1. How can I push a folder icon to a users desktop and have it stay 
there even is the user resets his destop?
2. Once the folder icon is on the students desktop how can I keep 
him/her from chucking it into the trash?
3. Our typing teacher teaches 7 classes so I plan to create 7 drop 
boxes, one for each class.  Is there a way that I can put each class's 
folder only on its desktops?

For the person who stated that the room should be rearranged, we have 
tried to get our district to rewire the room for that reason.  They have 
said no so we're stuck with outlets around the walls.  We have arranged 
the room as best possible but if the teacher leaves her desk to help a 
student then she has her back to most of the lab and I don't know how 
you can get around that problem.

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