[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN Digest, Vol 2, Issue 109

Dan Bo faengoy at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 07:03:25 UTC 2004

"If you want to be sure of having a good, functional
thin client box, get your hands on some old Pentiums
from some used computer store (in the Washington, DC
area, two tores, Computer Renaissance and PC Retro,
serve that market).  More often than not these have
LTSP-friendly NICs in them (3Com 3C905's, Intel
EtherExpress Pro's, etc.).  We have a on of Pentium
166's with 32MB DRAM, 3C905 NICs, S3 Trio64 video
boards, and SoundBlaster 16's in them."

I totally agree here.  The best purchase I ever made
were Dell Optiplex G133s.  Thailand's used market is
not partivularly great, because computers are still
new here, but I got ten of these (could've gotten way
more) that had been scrubbed of CDROM and HD by the
company offloading them.  10Mb NIC, S3 Trio64V 2MB
(which used to require some work to function well, but
not anymore), SB16, man everything all built in.  I
threw them under the desk so noone could see them,
bought some used monitors, and BAM! finished.  The
10Mb weren't too fast, but they also didn't cause
network problems with the server's 100Mb NIC.  I
actually ran into more funtional problems after
upgrading half the NICs to 100Mb, because things
started to hang.
My 2 Thai Baht.

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