[K12OSN] Rekall as replacement for MS Access

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Thu Apr 29 10:36:09 UTC 2004

Petre Scheie wrote:
> All-
> For those looking for a replacement for MS Access, Rekall is now 
> available under the GPL.  Rekall is only a front end for talking to to 
> DBs, such as MySQL, but apparently the intent is to give people (users) 
> an easy way to move away from Access.
> http://software.newsforge.com/software/04/04/20/1823249.shtml?tid=150&tid=72&tid=82 

I downloaded this and got it to install.
It even starts up the db creation wizard.  This is more than I can say 
for SO's Adabas (downloaded that but can't figure out how to start it).
The only thing is, I get an error that it can't connect to either a 
Mysql or postgresql db to create one.  I get as far as telling it what 
kind (mysql or postgresql), where it is (same machine), and giving it a 
username and password (tried giving on and leaving blank).  That's as 
far as I get before an error pops up.  If I choose mysql it says 
something about can't connect to the sock.
If I choose postgresql it asks,"is it running and accepting 
connections?" or some such thing.
Must I start postgres at the command line first and create a db there 
before trying to use rekall to edit or manipulate it?  I wouldn't know 
how to go about that.  I do know that I have both mysql and postgres 
support installed.  It looks like the gui for rekall would be perfect, 
if only I could get it to start a db.

I would really, really like to have an Access replacement to create my 
own databases for student info mgmt and for book catalogueing and other 
stuff, but I just can't get anything to work and I', frustrated.
I know nothing about managing or creating databases without a front end, 
having no experience with any database creatino or manipulation tool 
other than Acess and Applework's weenie attempt.

Anthony Baldwin
Freedom to Learn!

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