[K12OSN] Rekall as replacement for MS Access

MrGoblin goblin at scooter.co.nz
Thu Apr 29 11:29:37 UTC 2004

anthony baldwin wrote:
> Petre Scheie wrote:
> I wouldn't know how to go about that.  
 > I do know that I have both mysql and postgres support installed.
> It looks like the gui for rekall would be perfect, 
 > if only I could get it to start a db.

Not having tried rekall myself but I would assume you would need to have 
the DB backend (mysql) running before you are able to connect to it.
Use whatever init sytem you distribution has to start it.
Look for a my.cnf file (probably in /etc) and you should find the socket 
location there.

This article may be of some help.

I managed to get OOffice 1.1.1 running with unixODBC after reading the 
PDF file mentioned in that article.

Can't say I've tested it heavily but it works and appears to be pretty 


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