[K12OSN] Student problem

Paul Davison pauldavison at psps.com
Thu Apr 29 14:28:40 UTC 2004

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
  I just need to determine how much
 > work I want to do maintaining groups and access levels.

And there is the true deciding factor! :)

My top questions when faced with a problem like this are:
1. What is the simple solution
2. How much complexity do I want to add to my job in order to provide 
this simple solution
3. How do I automate the solution to make management easy

If you can come up with a consistent user/group strategy that offers you 
the flexibility and security you need, and then create or find a script 
for adding,updating,deleting users that will automate the procedure, you 
will have won the battle.

I nice script that does your group assignments based on class lists 
would probably help a lot as well.


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