[K12OSN] Hopefully the last permission question

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Thu Apr 29 18:22:39 UTC 2004

Off the top of my head...

for x in /home/Drop/*
chown -R $owner $x


Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> Okay, if I set a cron to run:
> chown -R teacher1 /home/Drop/Teacher1
> This does what I want.  Only problem now is creating a cron for every 
> teachers drop folder.  How would I write a cron that will run on 
> /home/Drop and look at the owner of folder TeacherX and automatically 
> recursively set any files under that folder with the owner of the 
> enclosing folder?  Does that make sense?  That way if Teacher1 is owned 
> by user Teacher1 the cron will figure that out and substitute this in, 
> or if Teacher2 is owned by Teacher2, you get the point.  Can one enter a 
> variable for owner?  Or do I just have to buck-up and write one for 
> every teacher drop created?
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>     think you'd be looking at a cron solution there?
>     something run'n every hour to automagically chown and chgrp?
>     --Huck
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>         Last problem I seem to be having is that when a student drops
>         homework into /home/drop/teacher1/class1 folder which is owned
>         by teacher1 and group teacher1 with Set Uid and Gid checked, the
>         file the student drops is still owned by the student.  I would
>         like the user and group set to teacher1.  The reason being that
>         if the student still owns the file the teacher cannot delete it,
>         and it messes with the students user quota.  Once in the drop
>         folder it is the teachers responsibility to remove the file and
>         no longer the students, so I believe these files should affect
>         teacher quotas not the student.  So how do I set any file
>         dropped in this folder to reset the owner and group to that of
>         the enclosing folder?  I would like to not have a script option,
>         but something via chmod or whatever is immediate.
>         Thanks
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