[K12OSN] Evolution cut and paste

Jim Doyle jimsd at ltsp.com
Fri Apr 30 07:22:06 UTC 2004

RH Fedora Core 1.
Evolution Ver 1.4.5

It was working. Something must have changed.

1. I highlight the following data from "k12ltsp" list.

Server specs:
Dual Xeon 2.6g
4 gig pc2100
Raid 5 with 3 36 gig hard drives

2. I paste it into gedit and vi and get the following in both editors.

Server specs:Dual Xeon 2.6g4 gig pc2100Raid 5 with 3 36 gig hard drives

It looks like I have a LF/CR problem.

I checked and changing the following:

A. Under menu item "View", Character Encoding,Unicode (UTF-7) ... no

B. I also tried (UTF-8) also no change.

C. Under menu item "Tools", setting, Mail Preferences, General, Default
character encoding: Unicode (UTF-7) ... no change.

D. I also tried (UTF-8) also no change.


Is there a better list I should use to ask this question?

Should I reinstall Evolution if so what is the best way to keep all my
old email?

Since I want to use as much Linux as possible and Evolution comes with
LTSP I used it.  Should I consider another mail client?  I used and
liked Eudora in Windows.

Mozilla mail is a consideration.

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