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Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Fri Apr 30 11:16:18 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 15:22, Jim Doyle wrote:

Don't know if this helps, but:

I've found that evolution copy/cut and paste has to be done in a certain
way - mostly the block of text in a mail has to be "active" or
"editable" by virtue of it being contained in new mail you are composing
or have open as a reply in preparation.  I have found to my frustration
that highlighting text in ordinary IN box items just doesn't work -
especially in "preview" mode.  If you don't have this experience then
half your luck.  Also, I find copying email text to another application
may mean having to use the old technique of highlighting text then doing
a middle-button click at the point of insertion in other application
because ctl-C & ctl-V refuses to work.  

Another thing is the way the text is interpreted by the program you are
pasting it into.  What doesn't look good in gedit may format as you want
without any trouble if you put it into OOo instead.  The problem may
really lie with the window manager rather than evolution?  I dunno. 

> Questions
> Is there a better list I should use to ask this question?

Ummm ... don't know.  People here are very broad minded and skilled in
many applications are rarely flame off-topic questions.

> Should I reinstall Evolution if so what is the best way to keep all my
> old email?

NO! but if you think that will do some good see Sudev's answer on importing/combining old mail (thanks Sudev, your tip is a godsend to me and previous searches for info on that topic had not given me as clear an answer as yours). 

> Since I want to use as much Linux as possible and Evolution comes with
> LTSP I used it.  Should I consider another mail client?  I used and
> liked Eudora in Windows.
> Mozilla mail is a consideration.

Yes, Mozilla is good.  There are plenty of alternatives in Linux-land,
but evolution is good in it's own right and especially for people
transitioning from Windows and Outlook.

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