[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Fri Apr 30 11:25:28 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 08:16, Sudev Barar wrote:
> Accidentally by leaving show all headers option I discover many ardent
> K12LTSP supporters using M$ mail clients .... ahemmmmm .... practise
> what we preach? Even if you are using OS environment that is beyond your
> control FLOSS / Free mail clients could be a way of showing your
> support.
> As I said no flames please.
> -- 
> Sudev Barar
> Learning Linux

Burn, burn burn, that flaming ring of fire ...

Seriously, I agree but have kept quiet about that matter.  I guess we
hope that by being on this list those offenders are at least aware and
transitioning from Windows.  No? 

FAR more frustrating for me is use of html mail by many.  Do you people
know how long it takes just to open your email when I'm scrolling
through the postings?  Spare a thought for dial-up users and forget the
html - who needs coloured text and bold, anyway?  That'll bring the
flames ;-) 

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