[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Fri Apr 30 13:11:18 UTC 2004

jam at mcquil.com wrote:

>In the mailman admin screen, there is a page that says 'Privacy 
>Within that screen, down near the bottom is a field that says:
>   "Hold posts with header value....."
>In that field, you can put a list of values. Here's what I have:
>   Content-Type: text\/html
>   Content-Type: .*multipart\/alternative
>   Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
>That will block  alot of crap from making it to the mailing list.
>Unfortunately, it results in the message being held for moderator 
>approval, and with the volume of mail that comes in, It's hard to keep 
>up with it.
>Jim McQuillan
>jam at Ltsp.org

Thanks a million!


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