[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Fri Apr 30 13:22:47 UTC 2004

I find the subject line of this post to be a bit troublesome.  You say 
that you don't want flames in the same message that you are blasting 
(flaming) list members.  Get off your high horse and join the real 
world.  You have no idea what the internal politics are of some of the 
schools where these people work.  We in the K12 technology community are 
working very hard to meet the needs of our students.  For many reasons, 
political and otherwise, most schools use at least some Microsoft 
programs.  Some schools have policies that exclude any mail clients 
other than the approved mail client program.  (And in come cases that is 
Outlook - whether you like it or not.)  Some users are not afforded the 
option of using other mail clients.  (Fortunately, I am and I have 
chosen to use Thunderbird.) 

Other list members are novice users who may not even know that they is 
an alternative.  They are here to learn more about Linux and K12LTSP.  
For that, they should be commended instead of ridiculed. 

People come to this forum to learn and share information.  Keep it positive.

Sudev Barar wrote:

>Accidentally by leaving show all headers option I discover many ardent
>K12LTSP supporters using M$ mail clients .... ahemmmmm .... practise
>what we preach? Even if you are using OS environment that is beyond your
>control FLOSS / Free mail clients could be a way of showing your
>As I said no flames please.

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