[K12OSN] Fun little ditty

Calvin Park, ADCS csitech at davisny.edu
Fri Apr 30 15:56:45 UTC 2004

Oh my, thought you all might like to hear why I'm so happy we won't be
using Windows in our Computer Center next year. Yesterday afternoon we
got hit by the Gaobot virus...took down our Win2K webserver, and our
entire student computer center. Needless to say I put in some long hours
last night. We think we've finally isolated the problem...but it's been
a huge pain. Hail to Linux.

Calvin Park
Associate Director of Computer Services
Davis College: A Practical school of Bible and Ministry

web: www.davisny.edu
email: csitech at davisny.edu
phone: 607.729.1581 ext 404

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