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Re: [K12OSN] Norwegian language and K12LTSP

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 10:24 +0100, Bjørn Roger Rasmussen wrote:
> Hello!
> During the installation of K12LTSP beta 4.2.0 I choose Norwegian as the 
> default language. After the installation I get Norwegian Gnome, but I have 
> some small problems with Firefox web reader and OpenOffice:
> - OpenOffice: Norwegian language in the menues etc. But: Default spelling 
> is set to English. After adding an user I have to log in as that user and 
> start OpenOffice and set spelling to Norwegian. It works ok, but I find it 
> a little bit bothersome.

This sounds like a bug that should be reported upstream in the Fedora
bug tracking system:


The process for filing a bug is pretty straight-forward and you will 
automatically receive an email every time the bug report is updated.

> - Firefox web reader: No support for Norwegian includet. I have downloaded 
> Norwegian language file from http://www.firefox.no/. But: I have the same 
> problem here as with OpenOffice. I have to log in and start Firefox and 
> install Norwegian language pack for every user. As root I have also given 
> the command firefox -UILocale nb-NO -contentLocale NO. If I do not give 
> this command Firefox goes back to English. Any way to making this easier?
> (Tried to copy nb-NO.jar to the place Firefox is installed. But it does not 
> help. I have to do the installation as every user to get things to work.)
> Hopefully someone can help me with doing things a little bit easier!

Did you try to run the Norwegian language file as root? With the
plugins I've tested, if you install it as root it is installed
globally - otherwise it is installed just for the one user.

I can't read Norwegian, but poking around the www.firefox.no website it
looks like they have an IRC channel & maybe a mailing list. Have you
tried to asking there?


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