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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Teacher forums

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 06:01, R. Scott Belford wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 09:20 am, Huck wrote:
> > good question...
> > As I for one do not have the time to spend 'learning' how to utilize all
> > of the various programs available with the installation...
> > it would be good for teachers to have a forum of sorts where they can go
> > to find out how something like the graphing program
> > or the flash card maker program works...etc etc...
> We wrestled with this and don't generally advise that our teachers join the 
> list.  It's not that it is not informative, but, as Jason said, there are 
> many with questions who do not administer the system.  We try to encourage 
> them to ask us in our hosef-managers lists, but this is hardly the solution 
> for a global audience.
> I would eagerly join a teacher focused list.  Incidentally, the debian-edu 
> list wrestled with this and just recently started as less technical list.  We 

CAVEAT: I'm not a teacher, I don't frequent the lists given below to
know about them, and they are opensource-specific rather than
LTSP-specific, however [...]

You might take a look at a few sites that spring to mind having mailing
lists that may serve your purpose.  There are list archives to check out
at   http://archives.seul.org/   - the parent site can be deduced from
that URL (oh hell, I'll give it anyway, it's  www.seul.org).

Another relevant site could be either/both 
http://opensourceschools.org/   and/or   http://www.schoolforge.net/ 
The former leads you to the latter, but both appear to have something
different to offer.  The Schoolforge archives are at

Ooops! there we are back at seul.org again?!  I don't know if they are
just hosting schoolforge or if it's a fork of the original site. 
Anyway, worth a look at those few.  Report back to this group if you
find them useful or otherwise, please.      

	Gavin Chester


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