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Re: [K12OSN] username & no password

debbie redeemer qld edu au wrote:

Hi everyone,

Once upon a time while still on my test box I setup a test user 'prep' (read:
Kindie) with *no password* - they just clicked on the 'P' I created for them in
the standard photo greeter login screen. Their username was 'prep' and they had
*no* password. BUT I can't remember how I did it and the test box is now
something else... and I'd like some guest usernames now with no passwords.

Any ideas how I might have done it?



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Hi Debbie,

The easiest way is to use Webmin to create the user accounts. One of the options is to NOT have a user password. Otherwise you'll have to use "useradd" or "adduser" command and then use the "System Setting" -> "Users & Groups" -> select the user(s) and manually unlock each account.
You can also manually create the account and then delete the password field in the "/etc/shadow" file

good luck

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