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[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN Digest, Vol 9, Issue 142

Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here because this thing is dragging on
too much.  Are any of you that are having this problem burning the cds
with XP sp2 ?  Service pack 2 replaced the ASPI layer with something
called SPTI, I'm not really sure about the name but I know this from a
very good friend who knows his stuff.  He is dealing with all kinds of
issues with applications not working correctly with the new Microsoft
"invention"   There has always been problems with ASPI and MS products.
Seems they never could decide on a version.  I downloaded and burned the
images and booted them with no problems.  I do not use XP for anything.

Here is some more information:

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~aa571/aspi.htm <http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/%7Eaa571/aspi.htm>
Jack <jackpal cfl rr com <javascript:void(0)>>


Actually, yes XP2 with the newest Nero. However, the burns are still not bootable even when I'm burning fresh, checksum'd .iso's in Ubuntu with Nautilus's built-in ISO burning mechanism. Burns of Knoppix, Mepix, and a half-dozen other distros boot fine, whether I burn them in XP2 or Linux. I'm not sure if it's the iso's or my system. As I've managed to get around this by using the boot.iso to do a network install, it hasn't been a big deal to me.

Btw, very happy that B5 fixes the dependency issues. Will install and test tonight!

-eric smith

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