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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Computer goes to sleep and never wakes up

Gavin Chester wrote:

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 18:46, Frank Samuelson wrote:

Shut off  apmd if it is running on your clients.
I had to do that w/ my thicker clients.
Though it probably isn't running if you're using K12LTSP.

Jennifer Waters wrote:

When my thin clients go to sleep, they loose the
signal to the server. Any one have any suggestions
on what is happening?

Forgive my rambling question in response to this thread:

Solutions offered on this thread, that has been repeated several times
in the context of power-saving and screensavers, is to disable
power-saving in the thin client bios. Not having ventured down this
path myself, is there any way to continue to allow power saving on the
client so that it just wakes up when someone sits down to logon? The
goal of saving electricity seems less important to many LTSP setups than
it is to environmentalists like me. Or, do I have that wrong too ;-) ?

The thin clients themselves won't go into power-saving mode, but on my LTSP setup, the monitors do. A lot of the juice to run a thin client (say, a Pentium-166) would normally go toward spinning the hard disk and keeping the monitor lit up. Since we unplug the HD's, that power is never used in the first place. :-) Pentium-166 and even 233 CPU's don't really use up that much juice...not like a Pentium-III, Athlon, or especially Pentium 4!

So, yes, you do get your "environmentalist" power savings with thin clients. Plus, if you use "old" Pentiums and such, you're keeping them out of the landfill for much longer than you would otherwise.

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