[K12OSN] K12LTSP & Workstation Sound

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Dec 2 15:23:58 UTC 2004

> If you'd like you can verify if it's working by going to 
> Gnome and trying it there.... Now....if you'd like to get it 
> working in IceWM....you'll need to add a line to your IceWM 
> sessions file located in /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions . 
> /etc/profile.d/ltsp-esound.sh note...put this line near the 
> top of the script (second line...right 
> under #!/bin/sh)
> that's it!

In my beta version sound does not work in Gnome using nasd.  Without
chaning anything other than the window manager (icewm) my sound works
fine.  Does anyone have a suggestion why this is happening?  My last
post didn't get any answers.  Here is my original post:

I cannot seem to get sound working again with my Term150's.  Here is the
sound section of my lts.conf:

        # enable sound by default
        SOUND              = Y
        # choose either esd or nasd to be the default
	SOUND_DAEMON       = "nasd"
	# SOUND_DAEMON     = "esd"
	SMODULE_01	   = soundcore
	SMODULE_02	   = ac97_codec
	SMODULE_03	   = via82cxxx_audio

        # default sound volume
        VOLUME             = 75

Any ideas?  I try to play sounds and come up with nothing.  I had this
working with 3.1.2, and I checked what I had archived in my old lts.conf
(At least I think this was it) and things match.


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