[K12OSN] multiple LTSP servers same network

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Thu Dec 2 18:44:27 UTC 2004

Dennis Daniels wrote:
snip ---->
> Is there anyone in the Los Angeles region who has a
> multiple LTSP 
> servers on the same network running? Can I come and
> see how you've got 
> your network setup? I'm nearing desperation here.

Dennis, My son lives in Riverside and is very knowledgeable. I could ask
if he has time to lend a hand. Have you contacted your local LUG. We
couldn't have accomplished all we have without their help.

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> ----------------------
> Could someone please do a write up on how they set up
> multiple LTSP 
> servers on the same network to share the load? Please
> include more 
> details on how you set up the central home directories
> and the 
> authentication of the user logins.

Here is the script we use that mirrors all the account information if
that would help. 


# this script publishes files between isadore and anthony.  This thing
# copies files from isadore -> anthony. DO NOT edit files on anthony
# that are copied via this script.  The file list is the PUBLISH var
for FILE in `cat $PUBLISH`
        [ "$FILE" = "" ] && continue
        [ -e $FILE ] || { echo "ERR: file in filelist $FILE. Does not
exist" >&2; continue; }
        # file exists and is not empty
        scp $FILE root at isadore.stmarys-school.lan:$FILE


I add users via webmin on server 1 then go the cl and type
.\publishfiles and everything gets synced. There is a separate text file
which allows you to add which files get published. to server 2.

Seting up public private keys will keep you from having to type in the
password for each file transfer.

We are going to add a third K12 server to the mix this weekend and we
will be looking at / testing various configurations. Documentation to
follow over Christmas break 


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