[K12OSN] USB Drive Info

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Dec 2 19:16:25 UTC 2004

Yes, I had the same problem...but didn't know what it was...and 
unfortunately it was in the middle of a demo =)
*blink* next time I'm starting with the unit off...or will reset it if 
someone arrives... =)
the odd this is that a 'relog' of the user did not help...the entire 
unit had to reboot (correct for you too) ?
Could/should not this be handled bu 'umount' upon removal of the device 
or does one need to create a script and add
a launcher to manually make it run /after/before/  extraction of a USB 
drive device?


Shawn Powers wrote:

> Huck wrote:
>> I don't understand the question Shawn,
>> You plug in a 'sandisk' type jumpdrive first...then take it out and 
>> plug in a 'microadvantage' drive...?
> Sorry -- yes the first.  If I have one brand, I use it on the one port 
> I have available, then take it out and put it in my pocket -- only to 
> get another drive (different brand) and put it into the same port that 
> worked a minute ago, it does not work.  I'm assuming it does not work 
> because of the sdx issue.  How does the kernel work?  Does it keep the 
> entry for what device was /dev/sda1 indefinitely?  Does it time out?
> I see the logic, if another type of drive is plugged in, the kernel 
> says, "Nope, that's not my sda device, so I'll call it sdb"
> Do you see the same issue with your drives, Huck?  Have you tried 
> several so that you are sure to get different chipsets?
> -Shawn

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