[K12OSN] alternative power supply

dale dalen at czexan.net
Thu Dec 2 19:14:10 UTC 2004

pnakashi at k12.hi.us wrote:
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> From: Rob Owens <robowens at myway.com>
>>The best thing to do would be to actually measure the power 
>>consumption.  You could do it on the input side and you wouldn't 
>>have to open the case.
> We have power issues in our school lab. I would really be interested in finding out how to do this. Anyone know?
> --Peter
	You can measure power easily with a clamp around type amp meter.    It 
basically has a magnetic clamp that you clamp around a power wire and it 
gives a current readout.  Multiply this by 120 (volt) to get power.  The 
nice thing is you don't need to touch any high voltage wire.  You will 
need to clamp only 1 wire (hot or return) but you can easily build a 
short extension cord with wires split, or carefully split the outer 
insulation on an existing extension cord and seperate the wires (think 
disecting an earthworm in science class).  See url to radioshack ammeter 
for $20.



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