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[K12OSN] Knowledge turned crisis

I started out asking a week or so ago about eide drives with raid configuration question out of curiosity for future expenditure.

This morning as I was teaching a lesson the server let out a weird, mechanical noise albiet only for a few seconds.

I was not concerned about the lack of redundancy in the data, but now I am. It was probably nothing, but My academic questions about the best configuration suddenly seem more practical.

I gather that many of you have a problem with the Promise raid controllers. I also see that alot seem to favour the 3ware controllers. I feel I need to get a solution in place soon, probably over the Christmas holidays.

So, in a nutshell:

anything wrong with 4 - 80 GB 7200rpm EIDE drives with 8Mb cache running on a raid controller(as yet to be determined) in a configuration like 1 + 0 or 0 + 1? This gets me effectively 80GB capacity and redundancy with the ability to withstand 2 drives dying, right?

this would get me, correct me if I am wrong, both redundancy and some performance increase, yes?

old drives, with no redundancy, are old smallscsi drives of 5400 rpm speed on old controller

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