[K12OSN] USB Drive Info

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Dec 2 21:22:12 UTC 2004

no it does not...
you get one or the other ... from my experience thus far it has been so 


Shawn Powers wrote:

> Huck wrote:
>> the odd this is that a 'relog' of the user did not help...the entire 
>> unit had to reboot (correct for you too) ?
> Yeah -- same scenario.  I did just have my tech assistant try 2 usb 
> drives of the same brand, and they did both work.  Differnet brands 
> though require a complete reboot of the thin client.  (Even going to 
> the console of the thin client and killing off floppyd and restarting 
> doesn't do the trick, not that that would be a feasible solution, but 
> I tried it anyway)
> That just gave me a thought -- is it possible to have usb drives AND 
> local floppies working?  Does the floppyd daemon support multiple 
> devices?  If no one knows, I can do some testing -- but I was just 
> curious if anyone had tried it.
> -Shawn

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