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Re: [K12OSN] Servers

It sounds like the CDs are not burned correctly. You say you burned the CD's with Toast. Did you drag the files onto the drive and then burn the CD? This won't work. You must select the ISO and tell the software to burn the CD from the image file. (I am not familar with Toast so I don't know the step by step.)

I burn my ISOs on my XP computer using the download from MS. I simply right-click on the ISO file and select Burn.

Once you get the CDs burned correctly, put CD 1 in, boot to CD, and follow the on screen instructions.

tom Lingenfelter wrote:

I am very new to the Linux OS.  I read the article in
Ed Tech about K12LTSP a few days ago and became very
interested.  I downloaded v. 4.1.1 on an OS X computer
and burned 4 CDs, using Toast to burn them.  I have
now tried to load these CDs on to a fairly good
windows machine. Does the windows computer need to
have the hard drive reformated.   I went into system
setup and enabled the computer to boot from the CD
drive, but I'm having no luck.  I have downloaded all
the Howtos from the website (K12LTSP) but am stuck.  I
have even ordered a set of CDs.  I would like to move
along instead of waiting.  Is there anyone in the
Southern Tier of Western NY that wouldn't mind a few
extra emails to point me in the right direction.

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