[K12OSN] Connect to OSX Server?

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Thu Dec 2 22:17:12 UTC 2004

You can use the AFP protocol with the mount command but SMB would be better.

David Tisdell wrote:

>There was a suggestion to use netatalk to connect to
>the OS X server. Unless something had changed very
>recently, Netatalk only functions as a server not a
>client. You can connect Mac Clients to Linux servers
>via netatalk but not Linux clients to Mac servers via
>Your best bet is to either use Samba or NFS. Setting
>up an NFS share on an OS X server is relatively simple
>to do.
>Alternatively, you could use Samba. I believe there is
>a PAM module for samba so that all of the account info
>would come from your OS X server and their home
>directories would automount. I have done this with
>Netware and ncpfs with help from people on theis list.
>If you can do it with Netware and ncpfs, you should be
>able to do it with Samaba as that is far more widely
>used and better documented.
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