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Re: [K12OSN] Connect to OSX Server?

You can use the AFP protocol with the mount command but SMB would be better.

David Tisdell wrote:

There was a suggestion to use netatalk to connect to
the OS X server. Unless something had changed very
recently, Netatalk only functions as a server not a
client. You can connect Mac Clients to Linux servers
via netatalk but not Linux clients to Mac servers via
Your best bet is to either use Samba or NFS. Setting
up an NFS share on an OS X server is relatively simple
to do.
Alternatively, you could use Samba. I believe there is
a PAM module for samba so that all of the account info
would come from your OS X server and their home
directories would automount. I have done this with
Netware and ncpfs with help from people on theis list.
If you can do it with Netware and ncpfs, you should be
able to do it with Samaba as that is far more widely
used and better documented.

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