[K12OSN] multiple LTSP servers same network: tips/ tricks/ handouts

Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Fri Dec 3 03:48:35 UTC 2004

Thanks Henry and Les! for your helpful tips! I'm pretty sure I did 
everything you've described here but I don't have access to the box from 
here so I can't say for sure what is what. I'll post my configs 
tomorrow. Again, I thank you for your helpful instructions and questions!

Henry Burroughs wrote:
> Dennis,
> As Les mentioned, what part of NFS failed?  I use NFS, and I couldn't 
> get along with out it (4.1/FC2).   Check and make sure the FIREWALL on 
> your first server is not blocking NFS mount requests (you can 
> temporarily disable it using "service iptables stop").  Next, have you 
> configured the file /etc/exports ??  That is where the NFS "mounts" are 
> defined.
> Basically, you should have (anyone disagree w/ sync?) in /etc/exports 
> (unless, you aren't mounting /home, but another directory).
> -----snip----
> /home        server.ltsp.two(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
> -----snip----
> You need to make sure the NFS server is reloaded (as well as 
> reloading... otherwise it does not see changes to the config file.... 
> that works for most server services... although some are smarter and 
> check for updates).
> run "service nfs reload"... if it gives you failed, you aren't running 
> the NFS server.  To quickly turn in on, run "service nfs start".
> Make sure you have "server.ltsp.two" defined in /etc/hosts... otherwise 
> your system won't know what IP address belongs to server.ltsp.two.
> Now on your 2nd server, you can run "mount server.ltsp.one:/home /home" 
> which mounts the /home directory on server.ltsp.one on the local 
> directory "/home".  Make sure again, you have the IP address of 
> server.ltsp.one defined in /etc/hosts....
> NFS should work.  I've got 2 servers and my workstation all mounting 
> directories off each other (/home from main LTSP server, /home1 from my 
> system, /universal from my Linux Fileserver).
> What are the specs on the 1st server (hardrive in particular)?
> Keep us posted.
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