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Re: [K12OSN] multiple LTSP servers same network: tips/ tricks/ handouts

Thanks Henry and Les! for your helpful tips! I'm pretty sure I did everything you've described here but I don't have access to the box from here so I can't say for sure what is what. I'll post my configs tomorrow. Again, I thank you for your helpful instructions and questions!

Henry Burroughs wrote:

As Les mentioned, what part of NFS failed? I use NFS, and I couldn't get along with out it (4.1/FC2). Check and make sure the FIREWALL on your first server is not blocking NFS mount requests (you can temporarily disable it using "service iptables stop"). Next, have you configured the file /etc/exports ?? That is where the NFS "mounts" are defined.

Basically, you should have (anyone disagree w/ sync?) in /etc/exports (unless, you aren't mounting /home, but another directory).
/home server.ltsp.two(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
You need to make sure the NFS server is reloaded (as well as reloading... otherwise it does not see changes to the config file.... that works for most server services... although some are smarter and check for updates).

run "service nfs reload"... if it gives you failed, you aren't running the NFS server. To quickly turn in on, run "service nfs start".

Make sure you have "server.ltsp.two" defined in /etc/hosts... otherwise your system won't know what IP address belongs to server.ltsp.two.

Now on your 2nd server, you can run "mount server.ltsp.one:/home /home" which mounts the /home directory on server.ltsp.one on the local directory "/home". Make sure again, you have the IP address of server.ltsp.one defined in /etc/hosts....

NFS should work. I've got 2 servers and my workstation all mounting directories off each other (/home from main LTSP server, /home1 from my system, /universal from my Linux Fileserver).

What are the specs on the 1st server (hardrive in particular)?

Keep us posted.

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School


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