[K12OSN] V4.2 beta 5 & SATA

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Fri Dec 3 04:29:00 UTC 2004


Anyone with experience using Beta5 with a Promise S-ATA Raid controller ?
I'm getting some wierd results;
On boot-up if I've configured the drives (2 x 80GB) as RAID 1, I get a 
message that no Logical volums were found.
Now if I configure the system without RAID 1 then it doesn't "see" my 
second NIC. The add-on it sees but the on-board it doesn't ???

This was a fully working system with V4.01, but with 4.1.1 the second 
NIC cannot be configured, neither with neat or manually with eth0-cfg
& with 4.2 RAID & networking are a problem.

HELP .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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