[K12OSN] Good News!

John Simovic jsimovic at tpg.com.au
Fri Dec 3 19:58:15 UTC 2004

Jim, we dont have anywhere near that many students but we do run ltsp 
for about 100 students. We have to use a Windows 2003 DC so I unstalled 
M$ Services for Unix (free!!!!) and it authenticates linux users and 
even maps out their exsiting windows folders via nfs. It really is not a 
bad solution.

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

>I just pitched K12LTSP to the Superintendant of our Public District 861
>on Wednesday and they have decided to launch 3 pilots next year.  I also
>pitched it to 3 more of our private schools and they have decided to
>each launch a full implementation next year.  I also just got back word
>that a local Technical College has heard the buzz and wants to meet with
>us on launching a pilot for them next year as well.  Cool!  
>Now I really have to study up.  
>The Public District has 4000+ students.  They asked if I could obtain
>any references from a equivalent sized school that has already
>implemented LTSP.  Is there anyone out there who would volunteer some
>info?  They have a 2003 primary domain controller (for now), and a
>Windows File Server (for now).  They want a server in each of the 3
>pilot labs as teacher machines.  These 3 servers will have to
>authenticate to the domain controller and mount home directoris from the
>file server.  I will work toward getting them to convert their domain
>controller and file server over to Linux but for now reassurance that
>this setup will work in the interim would be great as well.
>Thanks for everyones help to make this possible.
>Jim Kronebusch
>Cotter Tech Department
>jim at winonacotter.org 
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