[K12OSN] Edutainment Package

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Fri Dec 3 20:02:30 UTC 2004

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> Does anyone know of a central place to retrieve all of the software
> bundled in the Edutainment category of K12LTSP?  I want to put this
> package of software on different local installs for potential schools to
> check out before trying the lab.  But the hardware they have is all
> iMacs.  So I want to load up YellowDog and throw the Edutainment package
> on it.

You can install Debian on a powerpc.  Go with testing.  Install the 
Desktop profile.  When you log in, selecting KDE as your window manager, 
you will have a decently stocked edutainment menu.  "Apt-cache search" 
for any other programs that you want, or just type "apt-cache search 
education" and pick away.  I have used Debian on the ppc for years; you 
won't be disappointed.


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