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Re: [K12OSN] Edutainment Package

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
You can install Debian on a powerpc. Go with testing. Install the Desktop profile. When you log in, selecting KDE as your window manager, you will have a decently stocked edutainment menu. "Apt-cache search" for any other programs that you want, or just type "apt-cache search education" and pick away. I have used Debian on the ppc for years; you won't be disappointed.


I see 14 iso's, is this for real?  Do I download all 14?  Is there less
CD intensive recommendation?

Scary, Huh? :-)

The first CD, especially if you go with Testing, RC2, can install a complete desktop from the CD. Great if you have no network. Since you have a network, just use Synaptic or apt-get to install the rest of the deal.

Get your images here


If you want to go lighter on the install CD, use the net-install iso or the business card iso. Both depend on a working network, though. The debian installer, RC2, rocks bells and will configure your wireless nic as early as installation.

Thanks for the suggestion.

my pleasure.

It was very cool to learn that I can use fink on OSX for this, too.


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