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RE: [K12OSN] profile.d question


I wrote the script you are using on the Wiki (Thanks Petre for getting that on there).  When run, the script should set an environmental variable called SETPRINTERS.  If you log into a client (with the script in /etc/profile.d/ at least), that variable should get set.  Just run "echo $SETPRINTER" and it should say that it is =true... If that isn't there, then for some reason your profile.d scripts aren't running... hmm... did you make the script executable?  run "ls -l setprinter.sh" while in the /etc/profile.d/ directory and make sure you have the "x" bits set, otherwise the script will not run.  Run "chmod a+x setprinter.sh" in the profile.d directory again.  Try loging in again and see if the variable is set. =)


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From:	dahopkins comcast net [mailto:dahopkins comcast net]
Sent:	Fri 12/3/2004 2:00 PM
Subject:	[K12OSN] profile.d question
It is Friday, so I get to try and troubleshoot printer problems again.

Speciifically, I am trying to get the script on the wiki.for setting the default printer to work.  I have created the profile.d entry, and the /etc/sysconfig entry.  But, no luck.  If I run lpoptions from a shell, it works fine.  So ... when do scripts in /etc/profile.d get executed and does it depend on what shell the user has defined?  I have also tried the script that uses awk to set the PRINTER variable, but it likewise doesn't work for me.  I am sure the solution is simple, I just can't find it.  

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School


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