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Re: [K12OSN] recycling drive ad copy examples?

Does your school qualify for tax deductions? I just got 90 pII and PIIIs through our computer club on campus. Using the lure of tax deductions I get lots of machines... almost more than I can handle. The computer club preps the machines and gets them out to students who don't have computers as well as we use some as clients (I've got 40) on my ALL donation network. Work the tax deduction angle and you'll be swamped... I whispered my need to the community and the avalance continues to rumble through my room.


Ascension Tech wrote:
Hey All,
Since I suggested the LTSP to our principal we found money for a dual
opteron server in our small private school.  So far the teachers are
pretty much open-mouthed when I give them their orientation especially
when I tell them the price.  :)  Now we are looking to have an
official recycling drive because we don't have nearly enough
terminals. I'm looking for some examples of copy of advertisements for
such an initiative. I'm afraid I might not be able to write it without
getting too technical.  Maybe I'm a lazy writer but I'm a little
worried I might not be making sense to the average person. I spend so
much time in a technical world that I'm not sure how I'm being
understood outside of it.  I often feel that people smile and nod when
I'm explaining how it works.  Does anyone have examples of add copy
like this?  Thanks so much!

Is there anyone else doing this in the metropolitan New York area?

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