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Sat Dec 4 17:28:56 UTC 2004

Could netboot emacs sraight to ltsp 8~)  chuck

> Hi Ryan,
> At one HS we have a Mac lab of about 30 Emacs and in the rest of the 
> school there are about 5 or 6.  I'm glad the tech teacher pushed to have 
> the Macs.  They are great graphics machines.  He even has a G5 with LCD 
> screen.
> There were all authenticating to a G4 running Mandrake 9.1 through SMB. 
>   When the lab was Imacs I found a login script from a university that 
> when modified to the server the student would double-click the icon and 
> after authentication their home drive would show on the desktop.  It 
> worked well on the Emacs as well.
> It was then decided that the Emacs should authenticate to Server 2003 
> <shivers> but with Jaugar we couldn't get it done though it's supposedly 
> possible.  So now someone has to make a decision, spend $1800 or so to 
> upgrade all machines to Panther (which one tech had on the AD after some 
> work) or do something else.  I thought that the Emacs could connect via 
> LDAP to the linux box which could be joined to the AD instead of 
> upgrading but it's out of my hands.
> > strong. OS X Server licenses are $500 for unlimited connections. I'd would 
> > probably move to Linux for file servers if Apple hadn't made the tools for 
> > server and user management so good. We have an unprecedented amount of 
> > control over what our users can and cannot do, managed either by machine, 
> > group or individual user. The time saved more than makes up for the $500 
> > every 2 or three years.
> I've very interested in trying OS X Server.  Do you know if it would 
> syncronize to Active Directory?
> > But, as always, use the right tool for the job! That's why our business 
> > application/keyboarding lab at the HS is a LTSP lab. :-)
> One elementary school running it as an innovative project and possibly 4 
> other schools including a secondary school (which should make it fun!). 
>   I'd like to propose to my son's school a LTSP lab for the younger 
> grades (JK/SK etc).  They have a room that would work and with free 
> computers from Computers for Schools it wouldn't be to much of a cost.
> > I have no idea why so many people are hellbent on Windows, and will not 
> > even look at an alternative. I've been slowly moving most of our software 
> > to OSS (Firefox and OpenOffice.org mainly), and try to look for web based 
> > solutions for individual software needs. For the elementary there are a 
> > ton of Flash sites that mimic most of the Jumpstart/Reader Rabbit stuff, 
> > and I don't have to worry about licensing or installation.
> <Sigh> Some people don't like change.  Everyone drives GM or Ford so why 
> try Kia?  If you show people how well Open Source software works even 
> for Windows it would get them to look at things a different way.  Our 
> board didn't even consider Open Office until the Ministry of Education 
> licensed Star Office.  Some don't think outside of the box :)
> > OT: We had a girl graduate last year from our high school who got a job 
> > (over people with associate degrees from tech schools) specifically 
> > because she had Mac experience and knew html. 
> A good example.  I believe students/users who have experience with 
> different computer types/OS the better they will do when looking for a 
> job.
> > 
> > Teach students the tool, not the machine. We don't teach students to only 
> > drive one manufacturer of car, so why should the computer be different?
> > 
> Mind if I quote you?  :)  I also like the concept thought someone 
> brought up before.
> Jason
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