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Re: [K12OSN] Teacher Forums

Jason wrote:
Hi Pat,

(I thought I was being watched)

The bbs I was thinking of is www.phpbb.com and it uses php and Mysql. It also uses a mail server. I looked around the site to see about resources but I don't think it's a resource hog.

I appreciate the interest in hosting and the help spread the word about Linux.


I did a quick setup on phpbb on my testing domain (http://www.posborn.com/teacher-forum/) and see no huge issues. If this is the route that the list would like to go for a teacher/novice end user forum I think we can handle it. I guess the question now is if this is the path that people want to take. If it is, I can set things up in a more permanent config, etc.

Les' points are very well taken, but I guess I do think that bbs format might be more 'intuitive' to true novice users.... But if the more experienced people can't / don't monitor it then the value is definitely reduced.

So, if the active members can reach a consensus and want to sketch out with me some of the possible forums, I can sure set it up.


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