[K12OSN] Help, need more space on ext3 partition

Paul Davison pauldavison at psps.com
Mon Dec 6 03:11:29 UTC 2004

Guy-Michel Lessard wrote:
>>>>pauldavison at psps.com 02/12/04 14:58 >>>
> Guy-Michel Lessard wrote:
>>My root (/) partition is very full and the students could not get
> logged 
>>in. I purged some files and got 50MB of free space.
>>There is and
>>I have 3GB root(/), 2GB(/home), 256MB swap and 7GB of free space on
> the 
>>disk in that order.
>>I moved the swap partition out of the way to the end so as to move
> /home 
>>partition but then Qtparted et Partition Magic does'nt  want to 
>>redimension or move ext3. I looked up Qtparted homepage and it states 
>>that i cant move or resize Ext2 and 3.
>>1- Does someone know how to increase this partition?
>>2- I remenber having seen something about adding a partition so as to 
>>increase a existant linux partition, has someone seen or used this?
> judging by your layout above, you probably are running out of space on 
> your root partition due to your mail spool and logs. it is always a 
> pretty good idea to have those seperated from the root partition for 
> reasons you have already seen.
> here are some steps you can take
> go into single user mode, or boot using knoppix or some live cd/floppy
> create a 4Gb partition in your 7Gb free space, format it and mount it
> copy the /var directory structure to the new partition and verify
> delete the contents under /var
> add the new partition to /etc/fstab  with a /var mountpoint
> reboot and you should have lots of space on your root partition.
> This is not a step by step obviously, if you need more explicit 
> instructions let me know.
> Paul
> Thats an excellent idea, but i will check out with du what i will gain
> from moving /var before doing this.
> As a side note, i just found that Partition magic Version 8 will resize
> ext2 and 3. Were checking out to see if we have a copy.
> Should i use cp -p to copy /var over? 
> _______________________________________________

I would probably use "cp -av"  or "rsync -pav"  in order to preserve the 
permissions etc.  omit the v if you are the trusting type that doesn't 
like to watch files scroll by for half and hour :)


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