[K12OSN] Teacher Forums

Pat patnewsletters at ip-wizard.com
Mon Dec 6 04:05:35 UTC 2004

> I apologize if I sounded "authoritative". In the grand-scheme, I have
> no authority even if I tried ;-)
> I just wanted to toss out what I had on my mind before I registered
> my vote. I'll happily tag along for the ride if everyone else votes
> differently.
> -Eric
Not at all Eric, sorry if I sounded like I took it that way.  I just 
wanted to be perfectly clear that you have a very cool community going 
here, and that your position in that community is highly valued.... and 
that I wouldn't want to have some of my first posts here causing 
unintended consequences.  As I said to Jason, I have been an interested 
lurker on the list and consequently don't feel that I have any 
'standing' to advocate for any changes that would be at all contrary to 
the spirit or wishes of people such as yourself who have been very 
active in this k12ltsp community.


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