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Re: [K12OSN] thin clients

have some old Dell OptiPlex GX110s.  I took out the
harddrives, CDs, and floppy drives.  It looks like I
should leave the floppy drive long enough to load some
information into the memory of the NIC.  I'm not quite
sure what to do here.  If anyone could give me some
help here I would appreciate it.

Hi Tom. Sorry if this is old news for you. If those Dell's have on-board ethernet ports and you took out the harddrives - - just plug them in to your network :) Do they try to boot from the network ? I have a bunch of Dells and they work great as thins. Better as thins than as regular windows machines.

"YES the workstation tries to boot from the network but the LTSP server is not answering."

Check your two ethernet ports on the server make sure they are not backwards. Switch the cables.

"NO these machines don't have on-board ethernet."

Go to rom-o-matic.net. Enable your workstation to boot from the floppy first.
Make a DOS boot disk with the file made at rom-o-matic. Boot to the floppy and via autoexec.bat launch that file you made at rom-o-matic. The image you create muct be for the ethernet card in the machine. Using this method you can boot nearly ANY PC as a thin provide you have medium video and a NIC which has a rom-o-matic image. You can use any media you like, old harddrives, CDROM, floppy, boot-rom.
Hope this helps,
Tom V.

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