[K12OSN] making menu icons bigger in IceWM

Bill Bardon bill at computassist.com
Mon Dec 6 14:55:06 UTC 2004

On Monday, Dec 06 David Trask wrote:
> I know this question has been asked before, but I'm at a loss to where
> the answer has gone.  Is there a way to make the icons in IceWM's
> "Start" Menu....larger?  It's difficult to tell the kids to click on
> the"paintbrush" icon (for example) if you can't make it out.  I'd like
> to bump the size up to make them visible.  Using larger icons doesn't
> seem to help...it's gotta' be a setting in the prefs somewhere.  Any
> ideas?

It's in the IceWM FAQ, at


You'll want to change SmallIconsSize and the size of your start button
icon, at a minimum.

Bill Bardon
Omaha, Nebraska

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