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Re: [K12OSN] why RAID?

I do wish that the wiki would automatically stamp the date a document was created (and updated if/when it happens), since some docs have been around a long time and may not be accurate any more; without a date, there's no way to tell. The name of the person who created the doc would be nice, too, in case one wanted to ask the author further questions (assuming the author is on the list).


Jeff Kinz wrote:
On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 10:43:12PM -0800, Dennis Daniels wrote:

Does anyone mind if this little discussion gets wikified? Reading along here I learned a great deal. It should be captured and worked into a location that we can all use. Any opposition? I'll take silence as agreement ;^)

Hi Dennis - This list is publicly archived here:

Wikifying anything here is not only fine, its wonderful.

The archives are a great resource, but wikkifying the info makes it much
more accessible. You are adding some nice value to the list by doing
anything of this sort. (Searching the archives is awkward and semi-hard due to too many hits :-) [sometimes Google is not your
friend.. :-) ] )

Privacy isn't an issue, the archive is already public.

If you think someone will be offended 'cause they are getting credit for
an idea, just credit them or give them a "source was.." reference in the
wiki article.

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