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Re: [K12OSN] Good News!

Rob Owens wrote:

How do you guys handle the tech support aspect of getting K12LTSP into schools? Do you agree to train their IT staff (or IT person) and then offer email assistance for a certain period of time? Is it all for free, or do you charge for tech support after a certain amount of time?

I'd like to introduce my local school district to K12LTSP and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it so that I do not become their perpetual volunteer tech support guy. I also don't want to leave them high and dry. I just want them to be able to support themselves at some point, and I really don't know how long to expect that I'll need to hold their hands.


You can also try a 'retainer' solution. Whereby you offer them 5-10hrs of support per month for X number of dollars.
Thus showing how much more efficient this solution is in means of how little support is needed after initial setup =)
Previously on a campus with 100 windows machines my support time was an entire 1/2 time position...with the install of K12LTSP
in classrooms/library/career center...I now only provide 50hrs per month..for all....windows/novell/ltsp...unfortunately this doesn't
affoard paid time to do any software/hardware demo-ing, for solutions that could be used...so any new stuff is learned on the fly *shudder*


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