[K12OSN] Linux cut off

Ryan Collins collinsr at kentoncityschools.org
Mon Dec 6 16:10:38 UTC 2004

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Jason wrote:
> > strong. OS X Server licenses are $500 for unlimited connections. I'd would
> > probably move to Linux for file servers if Apple hadn't made the tools for
> > server and user management so good. We have an unprecedented amount of
> > control over what our users can and cannot do, managed either by machine,
> > group or individual user. The time saved more than makes up for the $500
> > every 2 or three years.
> I've very interested in trying OS X Server.  Do you know if it would
> syncronize to Active Directory?

With OS X Server 10.3 you can keep your users in Active Directory while
still managing them for your OS X clients. Look at the documents on
Apple's website:

I think it's discussed in the User Management document.

BTW, for everyone else in K-12, take a look at the Deploy Mac OS X
Computer for K-12 Education. Although very OS X centric, it has some good
ideas on providing computer services to your students.

Ryan Collins - Technology Coordinator
Kenton City Schools

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