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Tim Kaldahl tkaldahl at maplewoodacademy.org
Mon Dec 6 18:53:06 UTC 2004

If we are going to do this I think it would be a good Idea to populate the
bulletin board with some lesson plans ahead of time. I have a few that I
developed for my son's kindergarten class. If other teachers on the list can
contribute a few in some of the other content areas and at differing grade
levels that would help attract the audience. I know there is nothing more
frustrating to a technophobe than to be directed to a resource that is
empty, or worse yet hard to navigate.


Tim Kaldahl
Maplewood Academy
I.T. Coordinator

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>> As I've stated in the past, I'd really rather not try to split up
>> the existing community. A mixture of technical and non-technical
>> people is what has got us this far.

I agree and I definately don't want to change this great community.

>> If we do choose to setup a new forum, I'd like it to have as much
>> cross-pollination as possible with this forum.
>> So I guess I vote for a. A new, teacher focused mailman list

Whatever the method it would be for teachers to talk to each other and I
can see myself as I'm sure other techies would join and help them out.
The end user probably just know or care to know the problems we have in
the background.

Shall we test the bbs that Pat has setup for testing?


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