[K12OSN] Re: Fun Network Games?

Frank Samuelson fws4 at cdrh.fda.gov
Mon Dec 6 21:27:43 UTC 2004

XRisk was a big favorite of ours in grad school.
Risk is slow and cumbersome on a board, but it is fast
and fun on a computer.  You can play it while
doing other work too.

It also teaches great life lessons that some people
never learned, such as
"Don't invade the Middle East."

Joseph Bishay wrote:
> Hello,
> Over the Christmas break the community centre is interested in having 
> the computer lab be opened for networked games as part of a 
> fundraising event.  Are there any games you can recommend that would 
> work in an LTSP setup and are fun for kids to play (IE: not overtly 
> violent/bloody)? 
> Thank you,
> Joseph
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