[K12OSN] Re: up2date sources

Frank Samuelson fws4 at cdrh.fda.gov
Mon Dec 6 22:11:47 UTC 2004

Shawn Powers wrote:
>  From my yum.conf:
> [dag]
> name=Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core
> baseurl=http://apt.sw.be/fedora/$releasever/en/$basearch/dag
> But bear in mind that if you want mplayer to do things like actually 
> play sound with quicktime, or play video with streaming windows media on 
> the web -- you'll want to compile mplayer yourself with the extra codecs 
> downloaded.  (Instructions are on the mplayer website)

You don't have to compile it yourself.  The mplayer site has links
to rpms and you can grab the codecs as rpms as well.  Then you
can play windows media and quicktime.

> Also, mplayerplug-in works GREAT and allows for web-based streaming.

Get mplayerplug-in to do this.   I watch FRONTLINE
and clips from the Daily Show in my linux browser this way.

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