[K12OSN] cd burner disappeared

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Tue Dec 7 19:48:43 UTC 2004

Years ago, I had a CD burner on a machine with SCSI drives, same kind of 
problem.  As I recall, there was a kernel parameter or two that I passed to tell 
the kernel to treat the IDE device as a SCSI device, and then the system could 
see it.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the particulars, but hopefully this 
will give you a start toward a solution.


Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> Dear Folks,
>  I have suddenly discovered that on my K12 4.1.x servers the cd burners
> that worked just fine under 3.1.x have disappeared: cdrecord -scanbus
> returns only scsi hard drives. Any remedies? julius
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